ITEM m6 Women Invisible Hold Ups Open Toe

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* 15 denier look
* Beautifying effect
* Energizing
* Graduated support
* Completely nude
* Very durable
* Open toe
* 66% Polyamide
* 34% Elastane
Invisible is the greatest range of leg wear in the world for those who insist on quality, support and a sheer fabric too, as opposed to a stifling 30 or 40 denier fabric. At 15 denier, these are great for warm summer days and for chic evening wear too, whilst not giving up on being supportive. But this particular pair of hold ups are unique in one other way, they are the only toeless hold ups with a built in compression in the world. These three attributes have never met in the same place, but if you want a slimming effect in the height of summer, this is really what you've always wanted. Well, now they are yours and you will have all these amazing qualities together in one place, and made by the amazing ITEM m6 to boot.


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