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ITEM m6 Woman Fine Translucent Tights

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Large L1
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* 15 denier
* Push-up effect
* Improves circulation
* Fine and soft
* Comfortable and shaping
* 68% Polyamide
* 32% Elastane
This is ITEM m6's answer to the sheer support tights, and as you would expect when ITEM m6 take it upon themselves to design a new item, the result is amazing. This is amongst the best sheer support tights design we have ever had, with all the bells and whistles that you might expect from such a technical product. With a push up effect, improved circulation, a shaping effect and the finest and softest materials, the design team has outdone themselves. Support tights have rarely been this professionally made, and the result is one of the most best items of its kind you'll ever wear.
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ITEM m6 Woman Fine Translucent Tights
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