The Wolford Fatal Dress

There are a lot of designers out there that try and create a versatile product, and plenty of them release very innovative work. Some items by Oroblu have done this before, creating a snood/scarf combination with 3 or 4 different uses. But the design team at Wolford's hosiery division have broken new ground recently with a dress that can be worn 12 ways.
Fatal is the name of one of the most popular line ups from Wolford hosiery, but to accompany it, they've made the Wolford Fatal Dress.
The simple slip on method using the white version as the dress and the black version as a midriff feature, what they call Variation 6. Below is Variation 12, one of the most complex. It uses a white dress as a folded skirt, a black dress as a tube top and two more dresses tied together as a belt and bow.
Wolford have put an incredible amount of thought and design into this garment and it is their most versatile achievements. A lot of other designers are putting these kinds of things on catwalks at the moment, all a reaction to the austerity that their industry is facing.
People want clothing that can be worn for a number of different occasions and purposes and brand names as famous as Wolford are listening and producing some absolutely amazing new items in response.