Choosing The Right Tights For Your Outfit

Choosing the right tights for your outfit can be a tricky job. There's a lot more that goes into things like that than just colour or patterned tights. You have to consider how well the item fit and flatters your figure, the occasion you're getting dressed for, the origin of the different styles and patterns you've chosen and so much more.
Fit is really the most important things for any item of clothing and for tights, it's no different. If it fits well, it will look good, but it isn't everything. We'll get onto that more in a moment, but for now, how do you tell what makes the tights a good fit or not. The easiest way to find your correct size is to check on the manufacturer's tights sizing guide. This points out the exact size you need in each item or designs. If you are on the border between two sizes, common wisdom says to go up by one size. Nylon and other similar materials will shrink to your body better than they will stretch, patterns with retain their look and colours won't appear washed out. But this is size, which isn't quite the same as fit. What is fit exactly?
Fit is how it looks on and how it compliments and enhances your shape. For larger ladies, common fashion advice is to go for something vertical. Pick items with vertical stripes or a general upwards pattern. For ladies with a more lithe figure, rounder or more even patterns, like polka dots or flowers are the best way to make the most of your curves. Complimenting the best parts of your shape is the easiest way to make any outfit look incredibly beautiful because it enhances the individual wearing it.
Occasion is important for obvious reasons. No matter how well something fits a person or how stylish it is, if it is not right for the occasion, it will look out of place. Pick something a little more reserved for formal occasions, but something more entertaining and fun for times that are there for just that. Fashion lovers often advise to go in the extreme. If the occasion is formal, go for very well dressed if you are unsure. If the occasion is casual, choose something a little more wild if you'd like and it will stand out as creative and individual.
Origin is always a good thing to have in mind before putting together an outfit. If you are pairing simplistic and modern tights with tights that take a cue from Renaissance fashion, you may find the items clash rather than contrast. Different items can work well together, but they cannot be too extreme. Floral pattern tights are something that is most associated with old Europe, so don't put them together with modern pin stripes or chalk lines, as the rounded and complex styles of European aristocracy with get in the way of the direct and dynamic lines of modern fashions.
Colour is an obvious thing to talk about when you're trying to put together something that works really well. There are colours that always work like plain black tights or grey tights. You can wear these for funerals, business meetings or for nights out, but what about more noticeable colours like neons and sharper shades like sunflower yellow tights These colours are tricky to work with. Obviously, you can wear these striking shades for casual occasions in nearly way you want. Anything that suits your personal sense of style is perfect for almost anything you'd wear to a party or social gathering. But that's not the only way you can use these kinds of exciting colours. If you plan an outfit very well, you can wear bright shades very well. Blood red tights are a good place to start. Wear an entirely crimson or scarlet ensemble for business and it can convey power and competence. Purple tights are the same for work meeting. A purple business suit is seen as strong and regal, especially if it's a chief purple centrepiece with black items surrounding it. Weaker colours like baby pink and powdery blue should be avoided as they can appear insubstantial and certain shocking colours like orange can be distracting though. These colours are ideal for your body and your legs. Wear red or purple in the form of tights, sheers especially, and you have something that can be very visually striking.
Then there's the overall look you're going for. All of the above is something you should consider, but the overall style and category you've chosen for your outfit or perhaps your entire wardrobe is really the most important factor. You don't want something punk rock on your legs and something more business like for the rest of your body. So what are the chief looks that you can choose from?
The office look is pretty much covered above. Timeless and understated, but strong is the way to go forward with this kind of style. Pick something that with convey competence and seriousness, but don't be afraid to have something rich and beautiful either. Lace tights or floral tights are a good choice for this strategy.
The sexy look is one reason why tights are a very popular type of accessory. There are two ways to add something sexy to your ensemble. Pick something that with direct the eyes, such as fishnets that highlight your curves and contours or a back seam that will take people's eyes up the length of your leg. The other tactic is to go for something more ornate. Complexity is often used by designers to create a sense of mystery. That's why so many items of underwear, like French knickers and nightgowns have trims made of lace, to attract admiring gazes and keep that person's mind on the intricacies of the outfit. Any of these two qualities or a combination of the two will make it easy to add sexiness and allure to your wardrobe.
There are plenty of other styles you can pick, some of which are in the attached info graphic. Picking the right tights for you always comes down to choice and personal comfort, so the best fashion advice is always choose something you absolutely love first and foremost.