Stockings Or Tights

This debate has gone on for years. Which are best, stockings or tights?
Well, according to a survey, which was conducted by a men's magazine named Mondo, British men would far rather have a girl in tights. They no longer find women in that much of a turn on.
It was the opinion of one man, who was middle-aged and happily married with two children that stockings and sexy suspender belts are to men what medallions and hairy chests are to girls! A frightfully old cliché. It seems that some men believe these items to be slightly tacky and common.
Back in the days of good old Queen Victoria, pure silk stockings were supposed to tell a man "Come and get it". Which is now of course deemed to be very unattractive according to the survey. There was no real alternative to silk in those days so stockings were expensive and had to be held up by suspenders that were like some sort of vice made by a mechanical engineer rather than an alluring piece of lingerie.
One of the men surveyed believed that the reason they were popular with men then was because they showed a bit of leg. This was something that Victorian men were certainly not used to, not even from their wives. Even though the products might not have looked as sexy and erotic as they were deemed to be, a man could easily be swept away with the sight of a stocking top in the nineteen hundreds.
Once Nylon had been discovered it was so much easier for women to keep themselves warm by cladding their pins in all kinds of hosiery. Thus the stocking became a bit of a thing of the past.
But is this really true. We know lots of women still love to wear stockings. They feel sexy and alluring and ultra feminine when in this kind of lingerie. Admittedly, they are not always the most comfortable of things to wear but surely that's not a good enough excuse to put a woman off wearing them?
According to research done on the web there are a great many women who just love wearing stockings. Here are a few words from some of those ladies.
"I just love wearing stockings. They are just so wonderfully sexy and men go mad for them. Suspenders are way too sexy for words. They also help to hold in your tummy and give an element of support"
Many women it seems wear stockings when working in an office environment and don't feel that they are in any danger of revealing to colleges that they are wearing these garments. As long as their skirts are not tight fitting then they feel they'll be fine. They also believe they look and feel feminine and many women wear stockings for hygiene reasons as tights, if worn against the skin without a cotton gusset, can cause all kinds of problems. Relationship expert Louise van der Velde has been quoted as saying "I love stockings and believe the appeal is like unwrapping a present."
"When you see the naked body, you've seen it all. There is nothing left to the imagination."
In her opinion it's the look and feel of stockings that turn men on. The attraction is part visual and part tactile and ultimately there is a glamour aspect.
So I would say it's possibly 50/50 when it comes to stockings vs our range of tights. It's all down to personal choice. What I do know is that in any form legwear has been around for hundreds of years and probably will be around for many more years to come.