How to Wear Stockings and Suspender Belts

What are Stockings?

Usually made from nylon fabric, stockings fit from the foot all the way up until the knee or mid-thigh.Nylon StockingsTraditionally they were hand woven and feature reinforcements at the heel and toe to give the delicate, fine fabric more durability. Our own brand Gio is one of the most authentic producers of traditional stockings. They specialise in handmade fully fashioned styles that embody the vintage look they are famed for. Traditionally they were attached to a suspender belt which kept them up and fitted down the leg. However, there are now plenty more options in the way of stay ups and hold ups which are much more popular.

How to Attach a Suspender Belt

The most important thing to bear in mind when wearing suspenders and stockings is the position of your garter belt. If it’s too loose or tight, the stockings won’t sit firm against your legs and you’ll feel uncomfortable. A garter belt should sit just above the hips and fit snugly around your waist and upper thighs. If you’re wearing it for practical purposes, opt for simple styles that won’t show beneath your clothing. While lace top stockings and detailed garters are perfect for more romantic looks, they are best suited to be seen rather than staying discreet under an outfit.
When attaching stockings to a garter belt, take care of the delicate fabric. You’ll need to attach each strap firmly by adjusting the straps to reach the top of the stockings and then attaching the clips. Once attached, pull or shorten the straps to ensure you have freedom of movement. Those at the back should be the longest, while the ones at the front or side will be shorter. This allows you freedom of movement to bend over. You may need to have a play around and move in them before you’ve got the right balance.

When to Wear Stockings

Many women choose to wear stockings as they give a certain feel of femininity and sexuality that tights don’t have. They have also become a fashion staple for vintage dressers. If you’re choosing to wear stockings for a fashion statement, then you can wear them anywhere you would wear tights. With such a wide variety available to buy including sheer, seamless and lace styles, stockings can be worn all year round and with most outfits.
For others, there may be an occasion which you think stockings are more suitable than tights. For example, on your wedding day or during the summer to avoid wearing a lot of fabric around your thighs and waist. Stockings are generally thought to be more comfortable and less restrictive than tights, especially in hot weather, so if you’re thinking of giving them a try the summer would be a good time to start.

How to Style Stockings

By comparison to tights, stockings do involve a bit more thought about what you wear them with. For example, mini dresses or skirts will most likely show the top band, so it’s best to avoid these. Similarly, if you’re wearing a garter belt, you’ll need to check that the straps won’t show through fabric. Silk, linen and other fine fabrics are not ideal to wear when styling your look, unless your aim is to show them off.
Stockings do have a connotation with being a more sensual option to tights, so bear in mind where you’re wearing them and if it’s appropriate for people to see them. The majority of the suspender belts and stay ups we sell are delicate enough that they won’t show through most fabrics, making them ideal to wear to the office with pencil dresses or midi skirts.