The Dos And Dont's Of Leg Wear

There's a lot of advice out there about what you should pair with a certain outfit and what you should choose for a special occasion, but in the leg wear world there are not quite so many articles or lists out there that cover the dos and don'ts of modern fashion. This article is meant to change that and create a superb reference guide for all the little things you should consider when putting together an outfit. We'll split this guide into two parts so you can quickly scan up and down for advice and ideas to help inspire your wardrobe choices.

CClassic legwear style - Black sheer tights

The Do's of hosiery

Go for classics. Colours, shapes, patterns and anything else you might think of. If it's tried, tested and true, feel free to use it in an outfit yourself. The reasoning should be pretty obvious. Pick something that looks good, no matter what, and your outfit should never ever go out of style. It doesn't depend on seasons or what's in vogue, so you can go out without having to think too much about making your ensemble cutting edge. This is the same for your leg wear. A classic pair of sheers will never look less than gorgeous.

Building on the above, if in doubt, wear something black like black opaque tights. Not only is it a classic, but there is nothing whatsoever that doesn't look great with black as an accompaniment. Even darker shades that are slightly off from black look good, like brown and navy. You just have to pair them with a little more consideration, but on the whole, they gel together nicely. If you have a dress that you can't match up with your coloured tights, don't think it's boring to choose a pair of black tights. They always go well together.

Do use patterns to accentuate your legs. Florals are good for bringing out the best in your curves as flowers are more rounded that other patterns. Conversely, anything tall and slender will make you look more lithe, like a backseam stockings.

Support Tights And Stockings
Leg wear with support or a shaping effect is not just for those who need extra help with circulation. It can add far more to your daily health regime than that. Just to be clear, there are tights made for shaping and tights made for support. Sometimes designs do both, but not always. Support tights help with your circulation and massage your muscles. Shapewear moves parts of your body about for a better overall figure. Don't be afraid to go for either. If you chose shaping leg wear, you automatically improve your figure. If you add something with support to your ensemble, you're likely to stay feeling fresh all day long without your legs getting tired.

Carrying a spare pair of tights might be something you've never done before, but why not? They fold up very well and become incredibly small and nondescript, taking up very little space in your bag. They can be a lifesaver and something that really won't be at all cumbersome or difficult to carry around with you. It also means you can try out something different part way through the day and change your style!

Spend A Little More
A little extra on the price tag normally means a lot more quality. Go for a slightly more expensive pair of tights and they'll feel better against your skin, they won't irritate you or move about too much and they'll certainly last longer quite a bit longer than a more basic pair of tights.

The Don'ts of Hosiery

Clash Colours
Some colours can look great together, even if they are both very powerful and visually dominating. The problem is when you mix them in a way that makes them work against each other rather than for each other. Take red and green for example. It's often said they don't go together very well, but that's not always the case. A mossy green combined with a velvety red or burgundy has a Pre-Rephaelite look to it. Bright scarlet and sharp lime can also look great combined. The problem is when you cross shades that are simply not compatible. Wear bright neon green leggings with an wine red dress or a bright scarlet tights with an earthy, verdant green blouse and you get a combination that's quite odd indeed.

Wear Tights As Trousers
It's widely considered a big faux pas. Tights or any other kind of leg wear are there to enhance an outfit, not replace it. Wear tights as an accessory for highlighting the rest of your outfit. You can even make it the centre of a good ensemble, but do that by pairing your beautiful leg wear, not by wearing leg wear exclusively.

Choose Items That Are Too Casual
Or formal for that matter. Pick something right for the occasion. If you have an important meeting to go to, tone down the colours. Strong reds and purples can work well for formal wear, but they have to be dark and rich, nothing too striking.

Don't Just Stick To Trends
You don't have to follow the latest trends to make an outfit work. If you love something that isn't at the cutting edge of style, it's still going to be enjoyable to wear. Whether it's a pattern that hasn't been featured in the fashion magazines for a few seasons or a colour that's your particular favourite, finding leg wear that you love is more important than it being popular. You can wear any item of leg wear or any other clothing for that matter, pair it with the rest of your outfit, and you'll still look great. Style is about confidence before anything else, so finding something that's special to you rather than what's special to everyone else.