The Different Types Of Lingerie


Fantasie Belle Bra

Nightwear is one of the most important and prominent items in the world of lingerie. It is an area of lingerie that really doesn't get the attention and recognition it deserves, and yet it's one type of item where creativity means everything. With such a long garment as a night gown, you have so much more space to work with than you might with a bra or a pair of lace panties. Nightwear offers a canvas on which on expert designer can add whatever they can imagine. It has fewer limitations than any other type of lingerie and is the perfect way to add more elegance to each and every evening.
Here at UK Tights, you can find nightwear of every type and of every stripe. From the classic elegant look of Marjolaine nightwear to nightgowns, slips, negligees and every kind of accessory you can imagine.

Bras And Briefs

Beautiful bras and panties are, of course, the staple of the lingerie world. They provide the basic foundation of every woman's wardrobe and they can completely change the way you build the rest of your outfit, how comfortable you are throughout the day and even your own self image and self esteem can be transformed by beautiful clothing.

At UK Tights, we are dedicated to finding more than just a standard bra the fits well and looks okay. We want to bring the most beautiful and well designed items we can find to our loyal customers, so we go beyond just nice items, we strive to find exceptional, stand out designs for you to enjoy.

We go beyond just practical designs or pretty ones. UK Lingerie has some of the most astounding and precious designs in the world. We have carefully hunted down the most rare and delightful bras and other items, selecting only the most uncommonly excellent for our collection. Felina, PrimaDonna, Aubade or Empreinte are some of these carefully chosen brands. But all of this isn't to say that we are all about looks. A bra has to be supportive and comfortable, or it can lead to back and posture problems. We have gone to great lengths to make sure our bras and lingerie are all supportive and comfy in the ways that each type of lingerie needs to be.

Good-quality bras for great fitting

Bras should be as practical as they are beautiful and we have made sure that there is as much import from technical minds in each product as they is input from artistic ones. Each fashion designer we have selected tests their items very sincerely and soberly to make sure they are as industrially impressive as they are visually stunning, so you won't have to sacrifice anything to wear these astounding designs.

This is the true gem of quality lingerie. When you find something that is exceptionally well made and considered, you needn't worry about anything. Just like when you enjoy a ride in a beautifully designed car, the comfort of the vehicle is as absolutely vital as its performance and its beauty. So much so, that when you step out of a car that has been expertly designed, you feel refreshed and enhanced, not stifled and weary like so many other vehicles will. We aim for that same experience with clothing at UK Tights. From the minimal Wolford to the versatile LingaDore, the garments you have chosen should enhance your life, move with your body, feel natural and familiar and should never be a chore to wear. We hope you enjoy browsing our collection of lingerie and if you need any more help, go to our contact page and we will be there to help you whenever you need it.