What Are Pantyhose

Pantyhose are one of the most common types of accessory in the world of fashion. They are a constant fixture in the outfits of most women and have been a part of the world of style for centuries. But what are pantyhose? Why are they so important and well loved? And why are their so many different types? Let’s take a look.

What Are Pantyhose?

Pantyhose is an interesting word and one that is only used in some places. Essentially, pantyhose are the same as tights, but it usually is used to refer to sheer tights, under 40 denier. The term is popular in North America for sheer tights, whilst the word tights specifically means thicker items of legwear to most North Americans. But the term pantyhose really is a just a catch all term for tights in Europe and particularly Britain, albeit a rarely used one. So now we know what a pair of pantyhose are, let’s talk about why they are so great.

Cecilia de Rafael Sheer Pantyhose

Why Are Pantyhose So Popular?

Pantyhose are one of the most amazing additions to any outfit you can make. So why is this exactly? Well it is a really versatile category of design for one. Pantyhose are usually plain and simple to begin with, any every design released items that are unpatterned and one colour. This is a great way to pair up your pantyhose with any outfit, especially if they are sheer and of course if they are black. But these sheer materials are great for layering colours and motifs over.

Many designers add backseams, flocked materials or prints onto this material to give them a a more fashionable look and fashion pantyhose are just as big in the world of legwear as sheer pantyhose. You can have these wonderful accessories in any colour and in any patterna nd what’s more, you can make them practical by having opaque pantyhose too for colder seasons. The wonderful versatility of this garment cannot be understated. But what about personal taste and styles? Is there anything out there you should look at particularly?

What Pantyhose Might Suit Me?

The type of pantyhose you go for is as dependant on your person tastes as it is on your outfit, and also depends on what is in fashion at the time. There are so many different coloured pantyhose and sheer pantyhose that it really is difficult to get an accurate idea about which ones are best for you.

The best place to start is where you are going to wear them. Are they for the office? If so, sheer black tights are best. Is it for something more casual? Then pantyhose that simply match your outfit are even more ideal. If you want something more feminine, the number one best choice you can make is backseam pantyhose. These have a simple and elegant pencil line down the back that draws the eye in and makes you look taller and gives you a more sculpted figure.

If you need something for a little more fun, especially when it comes to experimenting with colours. There’s every hue an shade you can imagine from red pantyhose to blue pantyhose, pink pantyhose to green pantyhose. But what about seasons, can you get something for any time of year or will it be a case of wearing jeans all winter? Nope, you can get think and cosy one too.

As we mentioned above, these are often called opaque tights in Europe so it is a little more tricky to find out what you need to wear. But just so long as you check the denier, anything over 60 is great for the chilly weather. And anything under 20 denier is ideal for those who want something for the height of summer. Nude pantyhose are the way to go to match your skin tone and to keep you cool in the warm weather. Pantyhose really are a type of legwear for everyone and we think there is always something a person can find in them to make the most of their outfits.

Which Brand Of Pantyhose Are Right For Me?

There are as many brands of pantyhose as their are styles to chose from, so picking one really is tricky. But there are a few that we want to point out to you that are of particular note. The mighty Wolford is a perennial name for those who want unbeatably high quality garments. For more everyday orientated wearing, you can go for something like Charnos, a great brand of tights that make quality items at a fantastically affordable price. Or if you want something more fun and cheerful with a concentration on novelty and costume design, Pamela Mann is a great place to start. Want soemthing in between the affordable and the luxury? Well Levante is a great place to start for a good balance, and Falke pantyhose are even better, although a little more pricey. We have a huge selection of pantyhose styles awaiting for you. Whatever you choose, go ahead and pick something that suits your personal style and something you are comfortable in.