What you need to know about wearing tights

Buying hosiery is no new task for women – we’ve been wearing them since we started school and continue to do so for many years to come. If you’re an avid tights wearer you will understand how to style them, but taking care of them or understanding how to wear and care for luxury tights is a different matter. We’ve put together everything you need to know about luxury tights from how to pick them to how to care for them.Sheers Tights

What is denier in tights?

Traditionally denier refers to how thick or thin your tights are. The thinner they are, the sheerer the effect and the thicker – the opaquer. Denier is applied to all colours of tights – for those thinking that black tights will cover your legs, look to a lower denier to show off some skin. See below for a guide on which denier to pick depending on how much skin you want to show.
Ultra-Sheer = 10 denier and below
Sheer = 10 – 20 denier
Semi-Opaque = 25 – 35 denier
Opaque = 40 denier and above

What denier should I pick?

Denier is a personal choice. Depending on whether you want to show some skin through your tights, you’ll want to opt for something lighter. You can also opt for a higher denier in colder months to give more coverage and warmth. As denier refers to the weight of the yarn that makes up tights, the higher the denier the more durable your tights will be. Sheer and ultra-sheer tights are great for special occasions but 40 denier or above is the most preferred style for everyday tights that last.
It’s worth noting that denier applies to all colours of tights, so don’t think that by opting for nude or skin-colour tights you will need a very low denier. They can still provide all of the benefits of higher denier tights and may even give your skin a flawless filter effect when wearing them.

How to wash tights?

The majority of tights available now are machine washable. When you wash your tights you should always use a gentle, cold cycle so that they don’t lose their shape. A washing bag will help tights to retain their shape and elasticity by not being pulled around the machine too harshly. A wash bag will also avoid tangling and snagging of tights. Do not put your tights in the tumble dryer as this will eventually cause them to lose their quality, shape and elasticity too. Instead, we suggest you hang them to dry (in the middle of the leg) or leave them flat to keep shape.
If you have a more special pair of tights that are fishnet, lace or patterned we would always advise to hand wash these. Soak them for around 30 minutes in a lukewarm water and laundry detergent mix (you can also use a specific hosiery washing liquid) and then wring out in a sink and leave to dry.

How to stop tights falling down?

Make sure your tights are the right size for you to ensure they don’t fall down when wearing them. All of the tights at Luxury Legs are available in an array of sizes to suit all body shapes and tights. Please note, that as tights sit way above the hips you may want to take a size better suited for your waist rather than your regular jeans or leggings size. If you’re planning on wearing form fitting clothing on top of your tights, bear this in mind as tighter elastic around your waist could lead to pinching or bulging. When you put your tights on, make sure to roll them gently from the ankle up rather than pulling them. The gentler you are with your tights the longer you’ll preserve their elasticity.

Are tights supportive?

The higher the % of elastane in tights the more supportive they will be in terms of holding you in and shaping. If you’re looking for something more supportive then UK Tights offers a collection of supporting tights to help keep your figure flattered when wearing tights. Shaping tights offer support around the waist, tummy and bum to hold you in and accentuate curves. We also offer support tights which are great for aiding blood flow and circulation for women who find themselves on their feet all day!

What to do with old tights?

For fashion conscious women, there are plenty of ways you can recycle and upcycle your tights when they have lost their shape and support. Many brands such as Wolford and Sarah Borghi have now created sustainable tights collections whereby all (or majority) of the component in the tights are fully-biodegradable. If you invest wisely, you can simply take your tights to the recycling bin rather than throwing them away. If you want to upcycle your tights and give them another use in your home, there are plenty of ways to do this too. From room scent bags to hair ties, people are using their tights in creative ways long after they’re wearing them every day. In need of new tights? Whether it’s for every day or a special occasion Luxury Legs has a wide variety of tights on offer ready to shop right now.