Coemi Lingerie Have Amazing Nightdresses And Playsuits

Blackspade is one of the most interesting new brands to debut the world of lingerie in recent years. Coemi is one of the best brands in our collection ever for items that are almost tailor made in their fit. Their fit is completely unrivalled by any contemporary. That goes for all their items, whether it is their chemise or nightdress or anything else they make. What is it exactly that convinces us that Coemi is so magnificent? Simply that they are a made-to-order brand. That means you pick your exact size combinations yourself. No choosing from a simple small, medium or large nightdress. Then we communicate each metric and measurement to the designer.

They can then make the item especially for you. That means there are no items in stock, either here at UK Tights or even at Coemi's own studio. They have no warehouse or stock rooms, with simply an atelier to work from. They maintain only the most common materials they need. This includes the tailor's tools like shears, measuring tapes and mannequins. Apart from that, they order in the materials in the perfect amounts from their suppliers. A single item is then made to the specifications you've chosen. This is why Coemi is our longest lead time brand, with a wait of five weeks at least for any one item. They insist on this practise being the best and only choice for their work.

Coemi Lingerie is of such high quality. So high that it is impossible to justify using it on an off-the-rail product. And once you've tried a Coemi product, that is that. You'll see how you cannot justify going back to an off-the-rail product again, no matter the brand. Coemi is all about the pursuit of something better in their lingerie. This is what so few designers in the world of clothing do these days. We have so many lingerie designers that appreciate quality, of course. But custom made items are something else. Designers like Coemi go above and beyond the standards of our favourite brands. And if you want some of that quality yourself, you can without ever having to visit a dressmaker.

Coemi is one of a handful of online names that manage to maintain true tailoring quality. There is one thing that many of our customers ask about when they hear of Coemi. The number one question is, if the items are custom made, can I exchange or return them? The answer is yes, we allow returns. As it is not true tailoring, but instead is accurately fitting clothes, it is not unique to your figure. Instead it is a custom selection of common measurements. It is like getting a bra fitted, where cup and back size are combined with choice of style, cup shape and strap type. The same is similar for these nightdresses and playsuits and robes. The beautiful designs really come to life because of the skill of the fashion team. But they become truly special when you put them on for the first time and they are yours and yours alone. If you want the best fitting nightwear and lingerie on the web, choose Coemi.