Red or Dead amazing fashion tights

Red or Dead amazing fashion tights are from the infamous brand amongst the fashionistas of the world. In Britain, it is iconic and inseparable with BoHo, the style and fashion sense of Bohemians. It's been producing designs just like this one for more than 30 years and it has become a veteran designer amongst the Hipster and BoHo crowd.

So what's the story behind this amazing designer and how did it come to be so fiercely loved by such a niche group of people? Red or Dead's journey started in 1982 when a down-on-their-luck couple, Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, couldn't meet their rent. In a last ditch effort to make some money, they cleared out their wardrobes and took every spare scrap of clothing to Camden Market, the world's biggest car boot sale, and sold everything they owned. They not only paid their rent but made enough extra money to set up a permanent stall there. Two years later, they had 16 stalls buying and selling used clothes to the whole of the Camden area.

Soon after retailing used clothes, this couple of entrepreneurs knew that they could really make a name for themselves if they created their own clothing. People wanted the vintage clothing styles that could only be found in second hand shops, but they also spent a lot of time hunting down items that were in good condition and looked new. A difficult job when some of their items were 10 or 20 years old. So they starting making their own tights and hold ups, customising them based on what people had been asking for. Very soon, they moved exclusively into design and had their own studio and means of production.

Like any brand founded by salt of the earth people like Wayne and Gerardine, the passion has seeped into everything they do. Till this very day, there is a strong influence of the Camden fashion scene on Red or Dead's designs. The fashion tights use bright colours, eclectic blends of vintage and modern motifs and a wacky and impish sense of humour are all markers of a Red or Dead collection.

Red or Dead recent history

Over the past few years, they've moved from designing just clothing to accessories. Everything from spectacles to jewellery and now to leg wear. Red or Dead have brought their hard-won experience and essential can do attitude to this area of the fashion world and they are making a splash amongst critics and fashion lovers. Their most recent collection blends punk rock designs, like the fashion tights with LOVE and HATE stitched into the legs, and the '60s peace symbol which have become popular ironic icons of Punks and Hipsters alike. But the main theme of their collection is no theme. They make brilliant fashion tights with no central theme at all, each piece a little different and eclectic.

Red or Dead are one of the most respected designers of their time, regardless of the decade you are looking at and they are continuing to impress people.