Wolford's 5 Steps For Making Tights Last Longer

Tights and leg wear by nearly any manufacturer can last longer than the designer may first state. Hosiery manufacturers like Wolford are famed for their long lasting items, but even these garments eventually fail and fall apart. Many designers plan for this obsolescence and allow their fabric to become weaker in certain areas, however Wolford's hosiery design is different.
Their ethos is one where the customer should stay satisfied with their product, so they try to create tights that will last and last. To help make their customers happy and to get the most out of their leg wear, they have released an infographic (below) detailing how to make your leg wear last longer.
You can use these five tips to make any pair of tights last substantially longer than the number of wears they would normally. The advice doesn't require any external products or extras. Everything can be done with the technique of putting them on.
The image below belongs to Wolford and has been created by their design team.