The History Of Wolford

Wolford are the maker of the world's finest hosiery. Their reputation has remained undisputed for decades and they are easily the most coveted of all the leg wear available world wide. Their philosophy and ethos is what makes them the very best at what they do. Here is their ethos in their own words:
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The history of Wolford is inseparably connected with the history of fashion. Influences from art, culture, architecture and zeitgeist influence the style and taste of every age.
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Wolford's focus is on the female form and creating timeless leg wear that compliments it whilst also adding a little modernity and fashionable additions to their work. The figure-enhancing items like the Wolford Fatal range use the very best workmanship in the industry.
Well known actors and singers have selected for their live shows and on screen appearances for the quality and exclusivity of these products and for their performances.
Wolford are the number one choice in theatres, in films and on television, because of their stunning beauty and durability that makes them a dream for those who work in the wardrobe department. At the same time, Wolford represents an individuality that so many other brands envy of them. Ever open to creativity, Wolford has tried and pioneered new knitting technology and continue to push the boundaries of their industry.
Wolford's image and brand identity is unique. Her designers are dedicated to creating a certain identity that makes Wolford stand out distinctly against everyone else. Well-known photographers like, Howard Schatz, Helmut Newton, Jean Baptiste Mondino, Bruno Bisang, Günter Kathrein, Thiemo Sander, Francis Giacobetti, Markus Klinko & Indrani and the London based artist Rankin have all photographed Wolford to achieve stunning and three dimensional photography that makes it stand out against its competitors. Right now, the Austrian fashion photographer Wolfgang Pohn works with Wolford and is helping it evolve once again.
This giant of European design started its journey in Bregenz, Austria. In 1950, Wolford was founded with the slogan "a company to produce stockings for women from pure silk and rayon”. It has become an internationally recognised fashion label with a broad portfolio. Wolford is a synonym for quality and luxury; it has been that way for decades and will stay that way for decades to come.